Our Scout Group Team

THE Team!

The Scout Group leadership & support team

The group Management Team comprises the Group Scout Leader, and The Scout Group Executive committee.  Together they manage and lead Scouting in the Group.

The wider group leadership team includes a wide variety of group volunteers who manage, deliver and support the various age ranged sections in Scouting throughout the group. These include:

  • Beavers: Heather Pitts
  • Cubs: Steve & Julia Martin
  • Scouts: James Divall
  • Explorers: John Haynes
  • Scout Active Support Manager: Peter Divall
  • Group Scout Leader: Peter Divall

Team Structure

The Scout Association exists by authority of a Royal Charter. These give authority to the Bye Laws of the Association, which are approved by Her Majesty's Privy Council.  The Bye Laws, in turn, authorise the making of rules for the regulation of the Association's affairs. The rules are laid out in the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association. 

The Group Executive Committee is the Board of Trustees of the Scout Group and exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scouting sections within the Group.   T

The Group Executive/Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the year and has committed itself to becoming an exemplar of good practice in governance. It developed and approved a budget aligned to the plan, and forecast forward 3-5 years.  It has adopted ways of working which will facilitate the achievement of the plan and will provide a transparent approach to governance and decision making. 

Members of the Group Executive/Board of Trustees 


  • Group Chairman: Steve Cox
  • Group Scout Leader: Peter Divall
  • Group Treasurer:  Gemma Divall
  • Group Secretary: Jim Lefeuvre  

Other Elected Members

  • Rob Prigg
  • Deborah Prigg
  • Laura Windsor
  • Mark White 
  • Sarah Broom

Right of Attendance

  • District Commissioner

Invited to Attend (non-Trustees)

  • Group Leaders
  • Scout Active Support Members
  • Young person Rep: Oliver Cox
  • Maintainance officer: James Haiselden
  • Explorer Leader:  John Haynes
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